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OPTI can be your ACP (Attorney for Customs Procedure)

ACP(Attorney for Customs Procedure) SoW

If your company is non-Japanese company, and if you want to bring goods from other countries to Japan for selling goods in Amazon FBA, your company should appoint Attorney for Customs Procedures (ACP). As long as it is Japanese company or Japanese private individual, they can be entitled to become ACP. However, since ACP needs deep knowledge of Import/Export, and Tax matters, you can not simply ask someone who lives in Japan to be ACP.

ACP name should be written on your import documents, and Customs Office may contact ACP for smooth importation.

Starting from 1st Oct 2023, since the law changed, you need ACP for importing goods in Japan.
Thus, you can use OPTI's ACP service.

For further details of the law change, please click the below banner too.


Our Target Clients

Non-Resident Private Individual Amazon FBA Seller

We support both JCT Filing, QIS Registration, and ACP matters too.

Non-Resident EC Company

We support both JCT Filing, QIS Registration, and ACP matters too.
We also optimize your custom cost, JCT cost, warehouse cost with our cost reduction method too.

What will happen from 1st Oct 2023?

What happen from 1st oct 2023


What is ACP? Why it is needed from 1st Oct 2023 for foreign FBA sellers?

1st Oct 2023 -ACP(Attorney for Customs Procedure)


WHY OPTI? - Attorney for Customs Procedures, JCT, and My OPTI (software)

Why OPTI-1

Why OPTI (2)




Benefit of Our Clients



Non-Resident Private Individual Amazon FBA Seller

No time for Customs Clearance matters, right?
We OPTI can support you with our partner logistic companies.
When you want to ship the goods from your port, please let us know!



Non-Resident EC Company

You need to be compliant, right?
Our managed software - My OPTI can support you to see all the transactions, conversations, documents. It is highly compliance in accordance with Japanese Consumption Tax Law and Customs Law.
In addition, we can support Legal Opinion Letters too (with our partner Lawer).

 Ask specialist about JCT and ACP


ACP & JCT Fiscal Rep

- Attorney For Customs Procedures

- JCT Fiscal Rep (Nouzei Kanrinin)


Keep the Documents

Keep the record of required documents in Accordance with Customs Law and JCT Law

Liaison to Custom Office

- Liaison to Customs Office
- Liaison to Tax Office
- Liaison to Logistic Company


Logistic Company support

We will introduce our reliable logistic companies for support your customs clearance and other support for importation in Japan. They can support inland transportation too.


You are dying with FBA warehouse cost? We can introduce our partner warehouse company for keeping your goods with very economical rate. In addition, labeling, packing, and ship to Rakuten and Yahoo users can be possible.

My Opti

You can check all the past transactions by our IT-driven service - "MyOpti".



STILL CAN'T MAKE UP YOUR MIND? (here are 3 important factors)


IT Driven Service

Are there any companies which developed IT service for keeping the documents for tracking the past history? As far as we know, probably not. We have 13 years histories with past 3000 clients so that we had seen tons of cases and developed our systems only for this purposes. You can use it for EU, UK, US, AUS, JP, UAE tax returns and customs matters. 
If you are busy person, then organized system would help your burden, and you can focus on your core Amazon FBA business.


English & Chinese Speakers

Everyone of OPTI are more than bi-lingual. In addition, we have native Chinese speaker with highly educated consultant. Therefore, if you are Chinese speaker, there wouldn't be any choice but us.

Of course language barrier became much smaller than previous era. However, still if you have problem, you want to explain details in your language. Please let us support you.


World Business - US, UK, EU, UAE, SG, AUS, Canada etc

We provide not only tax compliance but also advisory of tax matters, invoice system, tax engine integration, digital goods treatment including digital tax. Therefore, if you would like to enlarge your business, OPTI is great choice for you!

Please contact us & Ask ACP and Japanese Consumption Tax matters.

Ask specialist about JCT and ACP

Thank you very much & Let Us Support Your E-commerce in Japan to Success!







Company Name OPTI Inc.
Address 4F Ogawa Bldg, 1-2-2 Uchikanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo, 101-0047, Japan
Foundation 11th Nov 2020
Legal Representative Aki Fuchigami (Managing Director and CEO)
Working Hours 10:00-19:00
Line of Business Tax Advisory, Tax Compliance, Treasury (Tax Payment Support), VAT Refund, Tax Engine Integration, Sales of Company Database (D&B Hoovers), Data Consulting


No Time!1st Oct 2023 are approaching!!
Please let us consult with you about JCT Registration, QIS Registration, and Attorney for Customs Procedures.
Ask specialist about JCT and ACP 

ACP(Attorney for Customs Procedure)1-2